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Invisalign Arlington Va

The utilization of Invisalign is an effective means for tooth movements which aren’t extremely complex. A set of clear, computer generated trays are ideally worn twenty four hours a day with replacements every 2 weeks. There are particular trays which could last for up to six months to one year. Nevertheless, these require some type of retention to stop the teeth from moving back. One of the best advantages would be that the trays are virtually invisible, hence the title Invisalign. If you are interested in finding out more about Invisalign in Arlington VA, the dental professionals at SKS Dental Clinic would be happy to give you advice and guidance, so you can make an informed decision.

At SKS Dental Clinic, we are the leading experts who actually specialize in Invisalign in Arlington VA, and throughout the entire region. For over the last fifteen years, more people have come to trust us for all of their oral health care requirements. We proudly provide a full staff of medical professionals who not only provide the best care while you are visiting us, they also offer beneficial after care, ensuring that your procedure went well, and you are not experiencing any type of discomfort or pain. We also gladly accept most forms of insurance, which will allow you to keep returning for your your semi-annual appointments. Many types of insurance cover most, if not all of the costs of dental care.

Unlike regular braces, Invisalign is actually among the most practical techniques to straighten teeth, requiring patients to make small life changes to accommodate the orthodontic therapy. For example, people are able to remove the aligners when brushing, flossing, eating, or even drinking. This is a big benefit over cumbersome braces which not just complicate dental care, but also are particularly susceptible to damage when consuming hard or chewy foods. As the mouth trays are actually transparent, patients using Invisalign can straighten their teeth without metal and wires that can interfere with the natural appearance of their smile. The clear plastic aligners can also be mild on gums and cheeks – unlike braces, which have sharp edges which could scrape or even cut the interior of the mouth.

Over four million patients worldwide have been treated with Invisalign and the amount of Invisalign smiles grows daily. The virtually invisible aligners, which are developed of a thermoplastic material uniquely created for the Invisalign treatment program, look much like teeth whitening trays. A series of Invisalign aligners are actually custom made for you, to move your teeth in the arrangement determined by our dentist. Invisalign aligners do not contain phthalate plasticizers or Bisphenol A. These aligners and retainers are actually made with USP Class VI medical grade, high molecular weight, polyurethane resins.

If you would like to learn more about Invisalign in Arlington VA, please visit our website at sksdental.com. On our home page, you can leave your contact information, along with any questions, for a fast response. Please call us at 703.567.7121, and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable medical team members.

Invisalign Arlington Va

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